Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homemade Mozzarella!

Actually, Laurel made this cheese last Sunday with a kit from New Seasons.
I have a recipe for it that was on my cooking "To Do" list. Laurel was disappointed with the cheese, and left it at my house in a yogurt tub. The next day I looked at it and it looked pretty good to me! It is very white and softer than store mozzarella. I made this "lasagne-ish dinner with it.I just layered the ingredients in a lasagne pan and baked at 350* until warmed through. The cheese was also good on Bartlett pear slices, sprinkled with a little nutmeg.

TJ's lasagne noodles, partially cooked to al dente
homemade tomato sauce made with dead ripe garden tomatoes, garlic, basil
yellow summer squash
chicken breast poached in broth, then shredded
spoonfuls of homemade mozzarella

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