Monday, October 26, 2009

Cutting out da buttah

I'd like to stick around awhile and want to eventually have fun with my grandkids, and I want my grandkids to have great memories of doing fun stuff with Grannie Janni! Given my family history of heart disease, I think it's time to really ream the buttah out of my arteries. So I am going to enjoy butter (and other saturated fats like cheese, cream, fatty meats, bacon, etc.) on holidays and birthdays only. Thank heavens that chocolate is actually healthy (dark chocolate or cocoa - milk chocolate is now in the holiday category) - that will go a long way toward helping me wean off teh buttah. Maybe I'm not having cookies, but I can have a square of dark chocolate!

Here is the latest food I discovered which was a satisfying replacement for the buttered version:


1 lb baby Yukon gold potatoes
2 - 3 T good olive oil
minced fresh herbs - parsley, mint, garden celery, chives, marjoram, thyme
salt and pepper

Boil the potatoes until tender (about 20 minutes)
Drain and break them in half; place them in a serving dish with the cut side up.
Drizzle them with olive oil, then salt and pepper them generously.
Then sprinkle on the minced herbs.
They were so good, I didn't miss the butter.

And here is a hot chocolate that has been getting me through the mornings lately - it is chock-ful (lol) of healthy stuff like antioxidants and calcium and honey.
2 - 4 tsp non-"Dutched" dark unsweetened cocoa (such as Scharffenberger)
2 tsp honey
4 ounces hot water
4 ounces skim or lowfat milk
Mix the cocoa powder with the hot water, stir in the honey until dissolved. Add the milk.

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