Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is a fun and easy project to do with kids.

Supplies. This is what you need:

Licorice gumdrops (I used Crows) (for hat)
Fruit Roll-Ups (for scarf)
Non-Pareils (for eyes & buttons)(or you could use licorice laces, snipped into pieces)
Orange jelly beans or candy corn (for nose)
Plastic drinking straws
Toothpick for placing the non-pareils
For wrapping: squares of clear plastic wrap, and tape.

1. poke the straw through a marshmallow and then through another:

2. Push the tip of the straw into the bottom of a black gunmdrop:

3. Using toothpick, prepare holes for non-pareil "eyes" and jellybean "nose":

4. Place non-pariels for eyes:

5. Place orange jellybean nose:

6. Place fruit roll-up "scarf" around neck of snowman:

7. Hello Mr. Snowman:

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