Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Vegetables

The local people in West Virginia told us that you need to eat greens in the Springtime to thin your blood (which got thick during the winter to keep you warm). So in that spirit, here are two spring vegetables I made today. I saw that the mint is starting to leaf out in my garden so it is time to make Minted Peas.


First, I put some frozen baby peas in pan, added a little water and brought it to a boil. Then I shocked the peas in cold water and drained them. Put 'em in a bowl.

Chopped some fresh mint leaves, and the first baby chives from the garden.

Put the mint in the peas.

Warmed the chives in a tablespoonful of olive oil/butter in a pan, and added this to the peas.



Frozen baby artichokes are available at Trader Joe's. I simmered them in a covered pan with a little water, Then drained them in a colander.

Added some lemon zest:

Heated some chicken Schmaltz that I had saved and frozen from when I made a herb roasted chicken, and sauteed some garlic:

Added some oregano and black pepper, and seasalt:

Tossed back in the artichokes to warm them, with a squeeze of lemon juice:


Served with some red Canada herbal tea:

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