Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I ate

These are some photos of some of the things I ate in the last month or so.

Tiny teri-salmon brown rice bentos:

Dark Chocolate Cups with Bacon, Nuts & Fruits:

Yellow rice, green veg (zuke, haricots vert, pea pods, asparagus, chives), poached egg:

Egg salad and cucumbers with yogurt and dill:

Teriyaki Steak Salad:

Chicken salad with garden veg & herbs & red currants:

Veg with homemade mayonaisse:

Dave's Killer Bread toasted in Schmaltz with garlic:

Buckwheat & Sorghum Flour Pancakes with homemade yogurt and kumquat marmalade:

English Breakfast Fry-Up: (sans blood pudding, roasted mushrooms, baked beans, broiled tom-ah-to)

Beef stew:

herbs for the stew:

the meat is still pink after being stewed low & slow for 4 hours:

I love iceberg lettuce with Thousand Island. Here, with roasted chicken atop:

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